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List of Microscopes

Leica THUNDER Imagers

A 3D cell culture imaging system that features the innovative computational clearing method to efficiently remove out-of-focus blur inherent to all wide-field images of thick samples. It enables capturing sharp multi-color 3D images of biological samples in real time with high resolution and contrast.

Leica TCS SP8 X spectral upright confocal microscope system with white light laser (WLL)

Up to eight excitation lines can be used simultaneously. By tuning both excitation and detection, complete excitation emission spectra can be acquired. With this spectral information, any dye can be optimally excited with minimum cross-excitation and specimen damage.

Leica TCS SP8 white light laser spectral confocal and multi-photon system with insight X3 dual laser

Leica TCS SP8 multi-photon (MP) system makes use of long wavelengths of fully integrated infrared (IR) excitation lasers, the high efficiency of hybrid detectors (HyD), and an infrared-optimized optical transmission. These allow to deeply penetrate into the tissue with super-sensitivity and to uncover the finest details of cellular and subcellular processes.

IX83 motorized microscope kit with 4-line TIRF illuminator Ixplore TIRF

Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy utilizes the unique properties of an induced evanescent field in the specimen region adjacent to the interface between two media with different refractive indices. This microscopy technique is commonly used for single particle tracking.


The two technologies, Raman (HORIBA) and hyperspectral imaging (CytoViva), enable the detection and analysis of nano-particles. HORIBA is equipped with two lasers, four motorized gratings, and an independent slit and confocal pinhole. CytoViva utilizes the enhanced dark field microscopy for detection of nano-particles as small as 10 nm.

Light-sheet Microscope

In-house fabricated light-sheet microscope.